DMC Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands. Unique to Amsterdam are the city’s vibrant, friendly atmosphere, fantastic event locations and fabulous historical character. Holland Destination Management can put together a unique programme for you based on your needs and wishes so that you can enjoy this wonderful city to the full.

The Golden Age

Amsterdam is famous for its canals, historical bridges and characteristic town houses. Amsterdam became the most important city in the Netherlands during the Golden Age, which lasted from 1580 to 1740. The VOC trading company accumulated a massive fortune in overseas territories, which resulted in an architectural and artistic revival in the Netherlands. When you walk through the bustling streets of Amsterdam today, you can still sense the fabulous wealth and prosperity of that period.

The Night Watch and the nightlife

The Golden Age gave Dutch art a major boost and so it is no surprise that Amsterdam is full of cultural attractions that are well worth visiting. The Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum and Stedelijk Museum should certainly feature on your to-do list. In the Rijksmuseum you will find The Night Watch, the famous painting by Rembrandt van Rijn, and the Van Gogh Museum is home to many paintings by Vincent van Gogh. The Stedelijk Museum is full of modern art, including works by Piet Mondriaan. There is also plenty to do at night in Amsterdam. Amsterdam has a vibrant nightlife with lots of clubs, concert venues and trendy hotspots that are worth visiting. The annual Amsterdam Dance Event is a firm favourite among fans of EMD each year. And the city lights up with countless numbers of artworks in the dark winter months during the Amsterdam Light Festival. Holland Destination Management will be glad to put together a tailor-made programme to help you navigate your way around this amazing city. 

Popular attractions and activities

Amsterdam has many popular attractions and offers countless possibilities in terms of activities; something for everyone in other words. Discover the city by bicycle, the most popular means of transport in the Netherlands, or go shopping on foot. Visit the Dam, Amsterdam’s most famous square, the wonderfully green Vondelpark or the picturesque Jordaan district. Treat yourself to traditional Dutch culinary treats like ‘poffertjes’ and ‘bitterballen’. There’s plenty to do in Amsterdam!

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