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Sports Travel Service

Sports teams are clear proof that professional dedication and team effort lead to reaching goals. Having worked with international clubs from all over the world, we understand that sports teams have no choice but to expect professionalism from their travel partners as well, especially when there’s a lot at stake when playing abroad.

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International teams

Every team has more or less similar basic requirements when playing a match abroad. Of course, a Champions League match demand is different than a Youth League match, but both require their specific needs, which HDM Sports knows all about.

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Training Camps

A well-organised training camp offers the perfect opportunity to start the season, acclimatise before a major tournament or serve as an evaluation period. Or a combination of these goals.

Sometimes referred to as Summer Camp, what you need during such an event is smooth travel arrangements and transfers, excellent accommodation and facilities, and, for some teams extremely important, privacy!

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Sporting events

‘Sporting events’ is a general term used for a unique happening that goes further than the regular competition. Yet, it does not only refer to the Olympics or the FIFA World Cup. A friendly match, for instance, can prepare your team for the first qualification match. Or a well-organised official Champions League match abroad can bring you further in the competition.

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