What we do

At HDM Sports, we work closely with our clients to help them fulfil their dream. A big dream may require full-service travel and facilitation assistance. For those dreams, we think big, and we strive for perfection. Our Sports Travel Service takes care of the anticipated travel plans and is there when you encounter unpleasant surprises.

However, big dreams start by realising smaller dreams first. If you require a separate aspect of our services, please know that we can help you as well.

Accommodation and facilities

From exclusive hotel floors to privatised swimming pools and from press rooms to training facilities, everything imaginable that meets the needs of your team is what we can arrange for you.

Platform arrivals and departures

We can assist by organising special pick-ups directly under the plane on arrival as well as departure. In this way, you can avoid any contact with crowds and fans at the airport and terminals.


We aim to ensure smooth transfers by guaranteeing optimal knowledge and logistics of the airports, hotels, stadiums and routes. For this, serious, discreet and expert drivers are selected.


Adequate security measures will keep your team safe (e.g., crowd control) and guarantee your privacy.


Most teams do travel with a lot of materials. We can look after all transportation of the kits in special vehicles.


Every team has specific food requirements, and our goal is to make sure the hotel provides high quality and healthy ingredients. This is very important to guarantee that elite athletes can constantly perform at competitive levels.

Special team requests

Training facilities, spinning bikes, extra spaces for an unforeseen meeting, a last-minute transfer: HDM Sports staff is always ready to find the best and quick solutions to your needs 24/7.

Excursions and entertainment

HDM Sports not only focuses on proposing the most suitable possibilities for the team itself. In addition, we can take care of sponsors and VIPs who follow the team for the match. This includes organising customised excursions to discover hidden local gems, unforgettable dinners, and any other required service.

Any of our services and products are sourced with reputable partners, offering an excellent price-quality ratio. We always take your wishes and budget into account. We are here to prepare your match abroad and host your team once you arrive at your destination.

The products and services mentioned above are examples. If you have additional requests or would like to know what we can do for you, please contact us for more information or a non-committal offer. You can fill out the form on the right or phone us at +31 20 5717181.