A well-organised training camp offers the perfect opportunity to start the season, acclimatise before a major tournament or serve as an evaluation period. Or a combination of these goals.

Sometimes referred to as Summer Camp, what you need during such an event is smooth travel arrangements and transfers, excellent accommodation and facilities, and, for some teams extremely important, privacy!

Training Camps

We have assisted overseas national teams who prefer to spend their international break in the European time zone so that their players contracted with European clubs can stay close to ‘home’. Our clients value the climate and professional venues in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and England. Finding an opponent to play a friendly match is never a problem.

The basics

State-of-the-art training facilities, a good night’s rest and well-balanced meals for the team and its staff. We can arrange top-notch locations where these services can be combined and where you will find excellent football training equipment. There is room to exercise, train, eat, sleep, conduct meetings, and, if necessary, we can arrange transportation, press conferences and security. We make sure facility employees interact with your team discreetly and speak English or, if possible, your language.

The extras

Additional services increase the comfort level for team players and staff members. You can think of:

  • Swimming pool and other sports facilities
  • Team building activities and clinics
  • Excursions
  • Meet & greet with celebrity artist or sports person
  • Arrange friendly matches
  • Medical services

The entourage

If you want to combine a training camp with a sponsor event, we can include services to accommodate the entourage. For instance, we can arrange a separate hotel, organise tailored activities, or sponsor dinners.

We understand that the goals for your training camp may be very specific. When you need to be close to a venue for an incorporated friendly match or seek the tranquillity of nature, we can find the perfect location for your team.

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